A labour of Love

The Poli*Shoe your “nail helper” securely holds your Nail polish bottle at an angle so you can dip your nail polish brush without tipping the bottle over or spilling polish all over. This leaves one’s hands free instead of trying to balance a bottle with the one hand that has wet nails. This product will also be an aid to persons with limited hand dexterity as the polish bottle is secure and stable and only a few fingers are needed to dip the paintbrush in the bottle and apply.


When people paint their nails and get near the end of the bottle they need to tip the bottle to access your polish when your nails are wet. It is awkward when the one hand is tipping the bottle with the hand you are trying to paint and the other is reaching in with the applicator. The shoe will securely hold the bottle at an angle so the nail polish pools, making it easier to use up all of your nail polish when the bottle gets low. No more smearing or smudging your freshly painted nails.


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